Andres Zavala



Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Andres Zavala uses a combination of different printmaking techniques, drawings and photographs to create accentuated imagery of his daily lifestyle and to document the social constraints and conditions of the Los Angeles landscape and other places he has had the opportunity to travel. He is greatly inspired by weathered objects and the continuous change in architecture. His work is an attempt to preserve these interesting circumstances.

Andres has worked individually and collaboratively with artist and printers from all around the world. Some of these artist include: Stanley Baden, Tony Clough, Shepard Fairey, Maier- Aichen Florian, Augustine Kofie, Kelly Reemtsen, Cleon Peterson, El Mac, Delfin Finley, DabsMyla, Jaime Munoz, Michael Dopp, Jen Stark, Becca, Eelus, Saber, Kai Aspire, Bumble bee, Tristan Eaton, Bezt, Luke Pelletier, Baron Van Fancy, Dalek, Sing Ji, Jayson Valencia, Alfonso Garcia, Amsi Bustillo, Manuel Lopez, Love Crew and many more.

Obras de Andres Zavala

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