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Since the mid-1990s, Jan Vičar has belonged to a few young graphic artists who try to put this rather weary art discipline into motion by new impulses. The characteristic feature of his work is represented by the combination of traditional techniques with less conventional, even experimental procedures. He incessantly transforms his expression and in his individual works, Vičar freely blends conceptual, figurative and abstract elements. His typical artwork is a rich structural extra large format print. On the other hand, he sometimes creates small detailed artistic sheets. Most of his works have a narrative character, yet it does not need to be connected with its figurative content; it often depicts the story which led to the graphic´s origin and is implicitly included in the work as another contextual layer without being straightforwardly obvious.

Premios o distinciones destacables

2003 Third prize for Most Beautiful Book of the Year, bibliophile category, Prague, CZ
2001 Prize of the Gallery of Miskolc, Museum of Contemporary Art in Miskolc, HU
2001 Graphics Biennial in Győr, HU
2001 Purchase prize, Linocut Biennial, Bitigheim-Bissingen, DE
1999 First prize, Print of the Year 1998, experimental printmaking category, Prague, CZ
1997 First prize, Print of the Year 1996, experimental printmaking category, Prague, CZ

Obras de Jan Vičar

Swing, from the cycle
Black stars

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