Laurence Malherbe



Born in 68 in Paris, various professions, various places of life and naturalist illustrator for twenty years. I live and work in Lagrasse, a beautiful village in the Aude - France. My first steps in engraving took place in a sunny winter (2016) under a Parisian palm tree. A tiny engraving workshop in a small, cobbled courtyard and the conviction that I had found a thread to follow ...

As you know, it is a slow process of maturation to get to the printed print, it's like an extended time. Engraving allows me to escape the diktat of the figurative where I was confined to naturalist illustration. It offers me the luxury of giving free rein to the gesture. My favorite tool is the burin. it allows me precision, concentration and freedom (in the respect of the constraints inherent to this tool). I have as much, and a lot, of pleasure in engraving as in printing; and as much pleasure in contact with metal (the copper plates, the burin) as in contact with paper and ink.

For over than 25 years, creation is my only professional and main personal activity. I would like my work to be appreciated without having to resort to speech and to be able to give form to silence.

Obras de Laurence Malherbe

Les pluies
Black Trombone
Manha de Carnaval
Longtemps après
Just as long as you stand, stand by me
How long must I Wander - OBRA OPEN
Comme un orage
Comme un silence
How long must I Wander

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