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No. 1904, Y: 455200, X: 82080,»Butterfly – The Metamorphosis divided« Digitized scan of the original manual - graphic print, 2019 » Butterfly – The Metamorphosis divided«, a hand made graphic print of the Brinar fir tree stump, is an artistic intervention that concerns the natural and cultural heritage.

Abies alba Brinar was a rare natural mutant of the common or white fir (Abies alba Mill), officially registered in the Register of Natural Heritage of Slovenia under identification no. 1904, Rakitna – columnar fir. Coordinates Y: 455200, X: 82080. In 2016, after more than a hundred years of healthy growth, it was brutally cut down by a vandal. The print is not only a documentation of specific amount of time but also a record of man's behaviour towards nature. Symbolically, the butterfly life cycle represents the metamorphosis. It relates to the present time and the human condition within it. Dividing the format of a work of art, the cross section symbolizes disconnection, a problem or a tendency to merge.

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Butterfly – The Metamorphosis divided - OBRA OPEN

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