Lilli Repnau



Over the years I have developed a keen interest in Printmaking and have been looking for opportunities to develop myself as an artist ever since obtaining a Bachelor of Graphic Arts in 2005. In the recent years my artistic work has been closely related to digital-age and its impact on our daily lives. In the era of technology, we live in the unknown, on the border between pleasure and discomfort. Even though true loneliness has seemingly become impossible (via different electronic devices we are constantly connected to something or somebody), the world can still be a phantasmal inevitability that shelters different layers. Also I have used a urban space and its reflection in modern society. My artwork provides a critical view of social, political and cultural issues.
I have always used a variety of printmaking techniques to create and re-create reality, both classic graphic techniques, such as etching and lithography, and new media. Some of my work look like dreamlike fantasies, some like more simplifyed drawings. Visually, I have also worked with the radical aesthetics of graphic art of Soviet Estonia in the 1970s. At that time it invented its distinctive visual language; through more abstract geometrical forms and diffrent symbols it was possible to talk about things that were forbidden.
During my artistic practice I have noticed I like to tell stories. So from that point of view different techniques are very natural tools for me and I use them all in my art. I often think about material culture in our daily life and printmaking is an excellent practice to explore that.

Obras de Lilli Repnau

Girl in smartphone light
Boy with smartphone and a pillow

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