Svetlana Jakimovska Rodić

Jakimovska Rodić


My art project »MADE IN FOREST« was inspirated by an environmental disaster in Slovenia in 2014.

Freezing rain and sleet was cause of bark beetle* oubreak in Slovenian forest after years of prolonged droughts and short winters. The forest, that is now infested by bark beetles, was, 50 years ago, a part of planed foresting for commercial use. That pattern of humen behevier usually left the unexpected traces in present. I used the barks from the follen tree as a starting point of my work. Like the matrix of human behaviour I start printing those traces, makeing the net out of that prints, to interwine, to veawe the strips of printed papir together or between the strained rope.. I used the prints on paper ribbons as element of spacial instalation and I created collages and paper works.

Obras de Svetlana Jakimovska Rodić

New Horizon
White on black II
White on black I
Man in Forest I
Man in Forest II
If a tree falls in a forest
White on black III - OBRA OPEN

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