Bess  Frimodig



Printmaker, curator, writer and builder of gardens growing ideas (and herbs) greening the city. Pushing the edges of printmaking, getting the print of the wall and into the workings of society. Claiming a creative life informed by a cultural and political context shaping stories of loss and resilience, a believer in the democracy of beauty and its power to transform.
Every project, each thought is interdisciplinary, interdependent and intergenerational.

Premios o distinciones destacables

I am the recipient of 24 scholarships and research grants in visual arts and humanities studies including: London Arts Agency Ad Hoc grant, Tesco Bags Of Help for a project at the Kentish Town Health Centre in London, Swedish Government Hanaholmen Artist Award at the Swedish Cultural Centre In Helsinki and twice Awards for the Arts by The British Arts Council for Littoral Print on Sustainability.

Obras de Bess Frimodig

Please Consume Less
Orta's Garden
Orta's Garden
Print Physics Garden
The Lonely Aubergine - Nutmeg Brain
Seed Money
What happened?
Sense of This Combination
Another adventure
Morphology of an Archive
Eat, Drink, Shit Norway
Soil is the Skin of the Planet
Nothing is Everything
We are all Carbon
Obra Open. Punk Renaissance: Appropriated Fragments

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