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I make art as a process of understanding Being. Through the creative process I come closer to the process of creation to which we turn to seek the explanation, meaning and purpose of life itself. For Being I intend what others have referred to, in different circumstances, as God, Love, Life, the absolute, the four elements etc.
Much of the conceptual framework and ideas that inform my work are derived from astronomy and quantum physics. I am particularly fascinated by the notion that once we have divided matter into its smallest component we are forced to shift paradigm and describe matter in terms of energy and energy like behaviour. Moreover, at this scale of reality, matter cannot be described as being in any specific point of space in time but rather as exhibiting a tendency to be.
This very limit between energy and matter, this point of tension between what is and what can be, between potential and fulfilment is what catches my interest and drives my research.
In this body of printed works these limits are evoked through the juxtaposition of very defined borders and seamless fields of colour gradients, which are in themselves composed of an infinite amount of borders but reed as a soothing one. Two or more elements converse on the picture plane calling into consideration the tendency of one to be the other and vice versa and evoking the possibility of a dual movement from A to B or from B to A.
The nature of printmaking itself – the act of transferring information from a matrix to create multiples and the various processes it allows - is a constitutional element of research and an indispensable practice in the process of understanding Being.
Bachelor in Fine Arts, Painting and Printmedia - School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Solo Exhibitions
2018 - Now here @ Nowhere Gallery, Milano, Italy
2017 - What happens When @ Galeria Nicoli, São Paulo, Brazil
2016 - Rest Mass @ Marieta, São Paulo, Brazil
2015 - Egosystems (Minus I) @ Thomas Masters Gallery, Chicago, USA

Premios o distinciones destacables

2018 Artist in residence @ AGA_LAB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2015 - Artist in residence @ Projecto Marieta
2014 - Teatro Franco Parenti Young Artists Grant @ Milano, Italy
2013 - JCE Biennal d’Art Contemporain @ Montrouge, France

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